New Gear for Expecting Moms


Pregnant rock climbers of the world rejoice! Mountain Mama, Inc, the outdoor outfitter for expectant mothers, now offers a full-body climbing harness made by Mad Rock, specially designed for the unique geometry of pregnant bodies.

From Mountain Mama press release:

The innovative molded padded leg loops are combined with an “X”-Strap design at mid-back that supports and cradles the torso with wide, flexible webbing. An open design through the midsection accommodates a growing belly without bunching or squeezing, while side webbing connects low and away from the chest to allow a full-range of arm motion.  Fully adjustable shoulder straps and leg loops ensure a precise fit, and tie-in at the sternum keeps everything upright. Flexible equipment loops at the sides keep gear at easy reach.


Pregnant climbing women may be a niche market in the climbing industry.  But as climbing gyms become a more popular form of recreation and exercise you can be sure more mothers-to-be will be hitting the wall and will need a harness that is made for them.

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