Find and Offer Specialized Expert Help With CBJ’s “Talent for Hire”

Talent for Hire

Talent for Hire

We’re excited to announce a new resource on our website: Talent for Hire. As a complement to our popular Job Board, we want to help connect individuals looking for work with managers who need help―with a focus on contract freelance gigs, temporary assignments, and new client relationships. That is not to say people listed here aren’t open to more traditional “jobs”, but for the most part they appreciate their lifestyle as independents. In the small business of climbing, many of the top experts operate like this.

TACO Skin Sander from Chalk Cartel


Managers: Looking for specialized help?

You’ll find routesetters, coaches, trainers, marketing professionals, business consultants, designers, photographers and more. Maybe you need help with:

    1. Routesetting for an event or new facility
    2. Staff training for your coaches or setters
    3. Advice to grow or improve your facility
    4. Marketing or design support

Freelancers: Looking to fill your schedule?

Add yourself to this resource so you can be found by the managers who read CBJ. It’s free and we’ve tried to make it easy. Make sure you include:

    1. Locations you are available to serve
    2. Links to your website and social profiles
    3. Your experience
    4. Services you offer

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