EP Climbing Volume Sale!


EP climbing volumes sale

EP Climbing of Bend, Oregon is having a Volumes Sale to kick off the winter! 

Sale details:

  • 10% OFF all volume orders (15% OFF orders over $7500)
  • Sale lasts from Nov 1st – Nov 30th
  • Check out our website for our full range of volumes
  • Send order forms to holds@epusa.com
  • Order form can be found here: Order Form

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  • Over 100 different shapes and sizes to choose from!
  • A grippy, non-aggressive texture, great for high volume climbing that won’t tear up your skin
  • Custom color matching options available
  • Upgraded assembly method which will keep your volume joints and corners lasting longer
  • Available with or without T-nuts
  • These volumes have been featured in dozens of national and international level competitions.
  • All of EP’s volumes well thought out and are designed by routesetters

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