CWA Survey & Meetings

Photo: Climbing Wall Association

The Boulder, Colorado-based Climbing Wall Association is currently seeking participants to take part in its 2019 Indoor Climbing Survey. The survey is being headed by Dr. David P. Carter, an Assistant Professor at the University of Utah, and Dr. Ryan J. Gagnon, an Assistant Professor at Clemson University. The objectives of the survey are to get a thorough report on the current indoor climbing community. Research will encompass demographics and behaviors, as well as consumer preferences and purchasing habits in a gym setting. Participants will receive a free copy of the eventual report. The survey’s sign-up page can be found here.

The Climbing Wall Association has also launched a series of events around the continent under a label umbrella, the 2019 CWA Meetings program. The training opportunities include a workshop on management and operations facilitated by frequent CWA Summit speaker Chris Stevenson, routesetting workshops at Gravity Vault locations in Hoboken, New Jersey, and San Francisco, California, as well as workshops and lectures on structured programming facilitated by the Headwall Group. More information about upcoming CWA events can be found here.

Climbing Gym Management Series