Colorado Gym Offers Diverse Challenges for Kids

Image: EVO Kids
Image: EVO Kids

EVO Kids
Louisville, CO

Specs: Nearly 7,000-square-foot space combines climbing walls (bouldering and top-roping, with additional walls to come) and ninja equipment with various obstacle course-style elements (rings, bars, warp wall). Adjustable angled system walls are also forthcoming, all designed “to help kids excel at movement, coordination and confidence.”

Walls: Eldorado Climbing Walls (large freestanding boulder due in January, previously residing in Google’s headquarters in Boulder, Colorado)
CRM Software: Rock Gym Pro

Capitan software


Image: EVO Kids

In Their Words: “If you talk to anyone who owns a climbing gym, I’m guessing a majority would say their youth programs are blowing up and that it’s always a challenge to manage the user groups of gym members and youth programs because they all descend on the gym during the same peak time—kids get out of school and people get off work, and everyone is going to the gym at the same time. So managing that is challenging, and there aren’t a lot of kid-focused gyms. This kids’ facility is just a stone’s throw away from the main EVO gym, so kids can walk or ride their bikes from one facility to the other. Their membership is good at both places. And we’re mixing the ninja aspect with climbing because we think that ninja equipment is really going to help develop kids as athletes. These ninja elements allow kids to explore and increase their body awareness—and have fun doing it. It’s like a giant playground.”
— Hilary Harris, Co-Owner

Harness Consulting