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Advertise with CBJ it works!

Advertise with CBJ it works!

Since 2013, CBJ has filled a gap in climbing media as the only publication focusing exclusively on the business side of the climbing industry. Our independent, data-driven coverage wouldn’t be possible without our advertising partners.

We are proud to report much progress since new management took over six months ago:
  1. New website – fresh design, better access to our library of 700+ articles
  2. New gym map – reliable platform, many new filters/functions coming
  3. Increased publishing – weekly news from our industry
  4. Launched on Instagram – over 1100 followers already
  5. First media kit – for current version email Joe (below)
  6. First publishing calendar – for current version email Joe (below)


What our advertisers have said.

“CBJ offers us more exposure to a relevant audience than any other media outlet in our industry. We love that so many of our prospective customers tell us they found us on CBJ!”
– Brandi Proffitt, Business Manager, Futurist Climbing

“The Climbing Business Journal is the best source for information about what’s new in the climbing industry. That’s why most of my advertising dollars are dedicated to them.”
– Mike Palmer, Owner, Cascade Specialty / Impact Floor Systems

CBJ currently has open ad slots.

Through our new website transition this year we enjoyed 100% retention of our advertiser family – proof of the value they get from CBJ exposure. After all, we are the only affordable way to stay in front of decision-makers of the indoor climbing industry. That’s why CBJ has been “sold out” since 2018. But not right now, today the window opens for more businesses to benefit from CBJ exposure:
  1. We have ad positions currently available from $60/mo to $120/mo
  2. Commit to a new 12 month ad run, get a free sponsored story – regularly $250
  3. We will begin offering two permanent non-rotating ads per feature article in 2020 – $100/slot

Ready to begin advertising with CBJ?

Would you like a media kit and publishing calendar? Please direct inquiries to CBJ Advertising Manager Joe Robinson at
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