Climbing Insider News Weekly: April 2

Climbing Insider News Weekly: Apr 2
Photo by Jesse Sklut, courtesy of The Spot

Just a few thoughts

For decades, routesetters have been providing the primary products climbing gyms offer: the routes. From LA to BaltimoreVancouver to TorontoSLC to ChattanoogaSan Diego to Houston. As a setter in the modern gym industry, your labor is in high demand, and we want to help you improve your craft. So, what would you like to know? Send your questions to

Stuff for Insiders

The Bring In the Girls Initiative Releases Four Incredible Films (Noah Walker, Gripped)

Local Climbing Organizations Dive Into JEDI Work (Access Fund)
“The ways that LCOs are engaging in JEDI work varies from region to region, encompassing a wide variety of issues ranging from route names to board diversity to scholarships and other programs to get more folks from underrepresented communities climbing.” – Access Fund

Mountain Project Replies to Open Beta Copyright Issues (Gripped)
“We respect that an open-source resource built voluntarily in this way is another great way to support this community, but Adventure Projects didn’t acquire rights to the data through an open-source licensing model.” – onX

OIA’s new participation report exposes profound effects of the pandemic (Andrew Weaver, Outside Business Journal)
“According to a release put out by OIA, new outdoor participants are ‘more likely to be female, younger, living in an urban area, and slightly more ethnically diverse’ than participants of previous years.” – Andrew Weaver

Training Tips + Techniques

Podcast: Is it a Weakness or is it Just Hard? (Kris Hampton & Nate Drolet, The Power Company)
“Hard climbing is, well, hard. In this episode, Nate and I discuss one of the unrealistic expectations that training can bring about – that everything should just feel easy.” – Kris Hampton


Using Boards For Training – Tactics and Planning (Neil Gresham, UK Climbing)
“This is one of those things where the more you look the more you will find and the only way you can miss out on the benefits is to tell yourself that you’re an expert.” – Neil Gresham

Using Boards For Training – Training Methods (Neil Gresham, UK Climbing)
“Many board newcomers are not sure how to go about setting their own problems or even if there is any point in doing so; yet this is an essential skill which makes you more creative and free-thinking as a climber.” – Neil Gresham

CBJ Originals

USAC and CEC Launch North American Cup Series
“CEC is thrilled to partner with USA Climbing in providing additional competition opportunities for athletes, officials, and setters, on Pan-American soil. This new series addresses a gap in the North-American athlete development, and will allow for more collaboration between our organizations.” – Christiane Marceau

Ask A Setter: Send Us Your Questions (Scott Rennak)
“Skilled and often charismatic, diverse yet sharing similar dedication to their craft, setters working hard behind the wrench set our businesses up for success and set the stage for community building. Their routes make us better climbers, and their friendship makes us better people.” – Scott Rennak

HWOW 50: Family Homewall Above Garage