Climb Hires New COO

Inside Climb Bentonville. Photo: Climb
Inside Climb Bentonville. Photo: Climb

The team behind Climb Nashville, Climb Murfreesboro and Climb Bentonville have founded a new company to help with expansion of the Climb-brand of climbing gyms.

Climb HQ, LLC. which was formalized January 1 st of 2018, was created as a support company for the growing Climb organization.  The founders Drew Sloss and Lance Brock, decided to build a centralized company that provides services to each of the Climb locations.

“As we were assessing the next phase of growth for Climb, it became clear that we needed a separate company to help each location navigate the  various challenges new businesses face, as well as, support the development of Climb’s culture in new regions and states,” said Sloss.

Climb opened its first location, Climb Nashville, in 2003 and added a second Nashville location in 2014. Climb Murfreesboro opened its doors in  Murfreesboro, TN in September of 2018 and opened Climb Bentonville in Bentonville, Arkansas, January of 2019. Along with the new Arkansas location in 2019, Climb HQ has brought Dan Sheehan onto its team.

“We’re thrilled to have Dan join our organization.  He brings a wealth of institutional background know- how from his tenure as Vice President and General Manager at Ingram Content Group.  Over the last seven years at Ingram, Dan, simultaneously, led 3 distinct business units to historical levels of growth, from $330M to $450M.  Dan understands the challenges we face as we continue to expand,” said Brock.

When asked what attracted Dan to make the jump to Climb from such a different industry, Sheehan commented that “Climb is built upon a set of values and principles that is aligned with mine and the foundation is set for us to go and go hard.  The opportunity is a perfect blend of my passions such as enhancing the customer experience, growing top and bottom line, improving processes and workflows, a healthy and fit lifestyle and the entrepreneurial spirit.”

Climb celebrated its 15 th anniversary as a company last year. “When we started in 2003, I think our goal was fairly simple. We loved climbing and wanted to share that with our greater Nashville community at large. Not much has changed since then except our size. Three years ago, we solidified our company mission with the simple words: We believe climbing is transformative and we exist to share that experience. We intend to continue that mission in as many communities as we can,” Sloss says with a smile.