Calgary Bouldering Gym Expanding After Five Busy Years

Bolder 2.0 expansion gym rendering
After five busy years, Bolder will soon be adding an expansion facility in Calgary―this time a mixed facility with both bouldering and roped offerings, including a speed wall. (All images courtesy of Bolder Climbing Community)

Bolder Climbing Community
Calgary, Alberta

Specs: Bolder Climbing Community, a bouldering gym in Calgary, Alberta, recently announced its second facility in the city is on the way. The announcement coincided with a celebration of the original gym’s five-year anniversary, “a big party” that included games, pop-up tattoo artists and live music. According to Josh Muller, owner and operator of Bolder, their first location became too small to fit the needs of the growing climbing community. “Our gym is really busy right now,” Muller explained. “We need more space, so we thought why not go for it and open a second location!” He noted an expansion in Calgary also made sense from a managerial standpoint, so he could be close to both gyms while supporting “the growth of the community.”

Bouldering area rendering
The new facility will bring more bouldering terrain to Bolder’s climbing gym community, which has been outgrowing its original location. “We need more space,” says Muller.

The second facility, dubbed Bolder 2.0 in the announcement post, is expected to open in the fall or winter this year. “We are really looking forward to trying to make this gym special! We want the experience to be unique, big, bright and stylish,” said Muller. Part of that plan is balancing non-climbing related fun, such as DJ Nights, with hard training. Training amenities in the gym include a large campus board, spray wall, multiple training boards (Moon, Kilter and Grasshopper), hangboards and weights. As for the climbing, Bolder 2.0 will add roped offerings to Bolder’s mix, with top rope and lead walls reaching 40 feet and a 10-meter speed wall. The new gym will also have a pro shop, food and beverage, and treatment rooms.

Climbing Gym Management Series


Muller also hopes to continue much of Bolder’s programming at the new location, and keep working to ensure all climbers have a seat at the table. “At Bolder we have a DEI committee as well as a very active indigenous climber/friend who together have applied for grants with the CEC to host more events that help bring indigenous people into climbing,” Muller said. “Through that process we have started a regular indigenous climbing night where we support local indigenous communities to come climbing.” Additional programming at Bolder includes a Ladies night, personal coaching and various clinics, as well as competitive youth teams.

Training area rendering
Instead of choosing just one of the popular training boards on the market, Bolder 2.0 was designed with multiple systems, in addition to hangboards and other training accoutrements.

Walls: Walltopia
Flooring: Flashed
CRM Software: RGP
Instagram: @bolderclimbing

In Their Words: “I am so proud of how strong the community has become here. People make friends daily, they meet their life partners and support complete strangers up the boulders. It is such a great experience to see this all in action.” – Josh Muller, owner

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