ArtLine Introduces Incline Adjusting “Slices”


Following the success of our Slopes in international competitions, Mike Fuselier is back with a new range of incline adjusters: the Slices. The concept remains the same but the shape has changed: it is stretched to take the form of a wedge with curved edges. Different shape means different use…

At the Innsbruck Block World Cup 2021, the Slopes gave the women’s finalists a few surprises, with a technical slab problem that put their footwork to the test. Only 2 of them topped out, including inevitably Janja Garnbret. You can see video highlights in this article.

After the competition and taking into account feedback from other setters including Romain Cabessut, we realized that there was a wider scope of use for these incline adjusters than we first intended. Originally we thought they could be used to angle handholds and in fact the setters made them their own, using them to fine-tune friction slabs by adjusting the angle and therefore the grip required for the feet.

The setters have embraced the concept of incline adjusters, so we’ll go along with them!

Mike Fuselier and Brice Anziutti therefore decided to revisit the incline adjuster concept, adapting to this new usage. Like the Slopes, the Slices are also available in several angles and several sizes to adjust the grip. But this time, they have a longer shape, like a wedge, well suited to friction and adherence.

In contrast to the Slopes, the Slices are in length that makes it possible to screw on longer holds or to use them on narrower surfaces.

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