Add a Retail Revenue Stream With Eldo That Delivers—Even During a Pandemic

Eldo DIY climbing panels in the retail program
With Eldo’s Retail Program—which includes a wide range of DIY Climbing Panels—gyms can add a new revenue stream to their operations during the pandemic. (All images courtesy of Eldorado Climbing)

“Between Free Solo and the Olympics, we all know climbing has become a thing. What Eldo’s learned over the past few years is that casual and non-climbers are adding climbing walls to their homes, schools, and offices in record numbers,” states Kevin Volz, CEO of Eldorado Climbing. “Major retailers are getting on board with selling Eldo’s climbing panels and holds to these unexpected buyers. We want to help climbing gyms get a piece of that pie.”

Climbing gyms can now add Eldo’s DIY Climbing Panels, holds, and flooring to their retail operations. The panels are durable, super-easy to install, and so beautiful that people want them in their living spaces. The indoor and outdoor options range from space-saving Solos and the Artist Series created in partnership with Phil Lewis to stunning fiberglass panels featuring 3D surfaces. The one-of-a-kind program naturally lends itself to online sales and marketing due to the visual impact of the product line.

Eldo's Artist Series panels
An example of the picturesque climbing panels in Eldo’s Artist Series, depicting the Flatirons in Colorado.

“What was really eye-opening to us was that not only climbers are building home climbing walls—think parents dropping their kids off for birthday parties at your gym. These are parents who might want an active indoor play-space for their kids, or be a gym teacher or rec center manager who’d like to add climbing to their facility, or even an HR manager who’s looking for a novel and healthy way to attract and keep employees. We’ve even sold panels for installation in several dentist offices,” observes Mike Wedding, Director of Sales for Eldorado. “Our sales of home wall solutions have been growing since the original Climbing Slab launched in 2016 and we know we’ve just scratched the surface.”

Eldo's Solo panels
An assortment of Eldo’s Solo panels, which save space in homes and offices and fit where others can’t.

Eldorado’s Retail Program is simple and almost entirely risk-free:

  • No investment in inventory—this is a dropship program.
  • Simple to implement and run—place orders just like all of your other retail vendors.
  • Does not take up valuable floor space—point of purchase displays available.
  • Includes in-house support from a team of outdoor specialty retail veterans with over 40 years of experience working with large retailers such as REI, Backcountry, and Moosejaw.

“The saying in the industry is that you need to have 20 pairs of shoes in inventory to sell one pair,” said Eldorado’s Director of Sales, Mike Wedding. “With this program, you just need some trifolds and a few staff members with a little education. No stacks of panels, holds, or flip-up pads required. We’ll support your online implementation and digital marketing promotion. The real beauty of the program is you have a new, ongoing revenue stream that will keep bringing in income regardless of your operation status—welcome to pandemic-resistant income.”

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