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Route Setting Manager

Route Setting Manager

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Brooklyn Boulders LLC.

Brooklyn Boulders LLC.

OUR STORY: In 2009 Brooklyn Boulders (also known as “BKB”) opened its first facility in an old newspaper factory in Brooklyn, NY. Since then, we’ve grown and evolved beyond what we even thought was possible. Inspired by climbing and community, we’re setting out to revolutionize the climbing and fitness industries by integrating them with unique art, culture, and entrepreneurship experiences.

We live and breathe our CORE VALUES. They’re what makes BKB…BKB!

GET WEIRD           Be yourself. BKB is your creative playground.

CO-CREATE           Trust your team. Results are stronger when we collaborate.

BE RELENTLESS Take risks. Fall hard. Get back up.

MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL             Create something extraordinary. Be proud to share it. Never stop improving.

ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING   Approach challenges with confidence and grit.


WE ARE: Combining work, life, and play. We’re creating and fostering a diverse community of climbers, creatives, fitness enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs all under one roof. Our community is our lifeblood. Whether it’s through special events, climbing classes, or everyday interactions in our collaborative workspaces, our work is motivated by our commitment to providing them with inspiring experiences and exceptional opportunities.

A leader and mentor who is very hands-on by nature. A problem solver.  Someone who has a passion for having fun, connecting with people while educating the team! Someone who wants to inspire and be relentless.

The Route Setting Manager (RSM) is responsible for the quality, excellence, and proper risk management systems of the BKB climbing terrain. They are responsible for ensuring continuity and cohesion of all facility setting team processes and systems. The RSM is focused on the quality of the climbing experience for our community members through consistent community engagement standards and proactively seeking community feedback.

It’s time to get weird with Brooklyn Boulders.


Ensure that all route setting initiatives, the department’s mission, vision and standards embody the BKB Core Values and Mission Statement.
Be accountable for keeping up with weekly tasks:
Implement the R.S. Daily Arrival Setup – the start of the day direction for any Routesetter.
Conduct and fill out the R.S Weekly Wrap Up Meeting doc – document to track peer constructive criticism in efforts to hold accountable and ensure ongoing high performance of all route setters.
Weekly updates of risk management docs:
Risk Mgmt & Inspection – log found in Google drive, used to track all risk management and inspections.
Risk Management folder – hard copy of the Risk Mgmt & Inspection log, found in R.S. room.
Be held accountable to ensure that daily tasks are performed.
Arrive on time and begin work in a timely mannerManage your team – keep them up to date on wider company efforts.
If setters find himself/herself arriving before others they will be expected to organize, clean & keep themselves busy until others arrive.
At no time should a setter be idling around.  Self motivation to keep busy is expected from all setters.
Stay focused on time and tasks.
ROUTE-SETTING DAILY PLAN must be filled out daily or when deemed necessary – document used to assign R.S. tasks at beginning of day and acts as a database of all climbs set at all BKB facilities.
Keep the up with the Routesetting Workspace Cleanliness/Maintenance SOP – document used to keep all workspaces clean and risk managed.
Understand all R.S SOP’S
Ensure general maintenance of walls
Ensure all holds/tape are set neatly, making repairs when necessary.
Ensure all loose holds are tightened and repaired ASAP.
Ensure all required holds are set screwed.
Ensure all colors are set in a functional manner that is clear to climbers.
Ensure all the wall surfaces are cleaned prior to setting.
Collaboration & Creativity

Work cross-department, providing ideas & guidance for events and content for Marketing needs.
Strive to innovate what the Route Setting department can do.
Respond to customer suggestions in accordance with Operating Standard.
Train others on your team’s skill. Illuminate colleagues on the creativity that is involved in setting.
Keep abreast of industry developments & the latest events and offerings.
Experiment with different setting styles, seeking guest setters to come to BKB.
Look for other ways to keep your setting team trained across multiple terrains as well as other muses to inspire creative setting based on company objectives.
Contribute new ideas of how the Route Setting Department can differentiate itself from other Route Setting, developing the BKB Route Setting Brand.
Work with Events Manager to execute route-setting-centric events as directed by the GM and Route Setting Director.
Keep your team engaged with customers and the community at large
Understand and abide by all applicable departmental SOPs
Leadership & Professional Development

Setting team code, providing leadership & mentorship to the entire team.
Help all team members by identifying weaknesses and offering constructive criticism.
Facilitate employee growth in and out of the facility.
Help empower team members by identifying strengths and encouragement of professional development.
Create and co-create exciting and interesting climbs.
Set a variety of styles.
Be aware of children and smaller climbers needs.
Be aware of adaptive climber needs.

At BKB, being a route-setting manager is not only about turning wrenches and making challenging aesthetic climbs. It’s also about managing teams, expectations, budgets, risk, and community engagement with the climbing experience. A route-setting manager at BKB is passionate about creating a unique, engaging, and inspiring climbing experience for the community while actively seeking community validation, feedback, and insight.The ability to communicate abstract concepts in a concrete way to a variety of personality types and levels of experience are a must. You must possess the desire to grow your skills not only in the craft of setting, but also as a strong manager, business person, and leader. That same desire for growth should also be cascaded to your team members, driving innovation, increased setting and leadership abilities amongst all setters.
ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING and Route Setting Manager is…

Resilient and open to honest feedback from other setters, climbers, and community members
Not afraid of achieving tough, demanding goals, and has a desire to continue “raising the bar.”
Excited about taking route-setting to places it has never been before
Passionate about co-creation
Dedicated to making route-setting a more integral part of the BKB Product Portfolio
Though our Team Members come from a wide range of experiences and are as unique as our business, we are all united under our ultimate promise: belonging and inspiration through experiences that engage imagination, passion, and physical potential! If you’re excited by the prospect of co-creating with a hard-working, driven team of individuals, we’re excited to talk with you about a future at Brooklyn Boulders.

*With your application, please provide your resume and cover letter*

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