Climbing Business Journal is an independent news outlet dedicated to covering the indoor climbing industry. Here you will find the latest coverage of climbing industry news, gym developments, industry best practices, risk management, climbing competitions, youth coaching and routesetting. Stay current on the latest trends that are shaping indoor climbing.

We created CBJ to fill a gap in the climbing media universe.  While there are many magazines, websites and film companies covering the exciting and photogenic world of outdoor climbing, we wanted more information about the growing indoor climbing community.  We wanted one place that offered news and advice for people that work in the industry or just love climbing on plastic: owners and managers of climbing gyms, routesetters, hold shapers, wall builders, pad designers, equipment retailers and climbing geeks. Since that place didn’t exist we decided to create it. CBJ launched in July 2013.

Our goal is to provide breaking news, in-depth coverage and just plain fun stories about the indoor climbing industry.  We are still figuring out what works and what you, our readers, want to see.  We welcome your thoughts, suggestions and gentle criticisms, so why not drop us a line? We would love to hear from you.

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Mike_Headshot Mike Helt, Editor-in-Chief
Mike has over 20 years experience working in and with climbing gyms all over the country. He’s a USAC Level 5 National Chief Routesetter with setting experience that ranges from locals to international World Cups. He recently sat on the USAC Routesetting Committee, which created USAC’s routesetter clinic and certification system. In 2007 he founded Routesetter.com and ran the site until its closing in 2009. Mike is also Operations Manager at Mesa Rim Climbing – Reno.
Marlowe_Headshot Marlowe Kulley, Director of Technology/Editor
Marlowe has been building and designing websites since 2002 and is now CBJ’s queen of web and graphic design. She enjoys digging into the nerdy side of the climbing business and writing articles that exceed the attention span of most readers.  She also does her best to keep the content looking professional and typo free (she doesn’t always succeed). Marlowe is also General Manager of Mesa Rim Climbing – Reno.