Walltopia Brings in Investors



Bulgaria-based Walltopia recently announced a partnership with two investments firms which will take a minority stake in the company. The first is BlackPeak Capital, a private equity fund investing in small to medium companies in Bulgaria with leading positions on global and domestic markets. BlackPeak which is funded by the European Investment Fund focuses its efforts on established companies with annual revenues between 1 – 30 million Euros. BlackPeak is a Co-Investor fund and requires a second investor on pari passu terms.

That’s where China-CEE comes into the picture. The China Central and Eastern Europe fund which was established by China Exim Bank is the co-investor on the Walltopia deal. According to the there website the CEE typically invests between $20 and $70 million in equity though all “transaction structures are always flexible and tailored to the needs of the business.” This is the first investment of the China-CEE Fund in Bulgaria.

“We are happy to welcome partners who share our passion for the product and who can drive value beyond money” said Ivaylo Penchev, CEO of Walltopia.

The partnership between Walltopia, BlackPeak Capital and the China–CEE Fund aims to support the company’s impressive growth and innovative amusement products. In 2012, Walltopia has expanded its portfolio of products and services towards the larger amusement and active entertainment market. The investment will also increase capacity and support the global roll-out of Funtopia, an amusement concept for indoor climbing for kids, which has already been launched successfully in Bulgaria, the U.S., Canada, and Israel.