Vezi Otium Holds Are Here!

vezi otium header image

vezi otium header image
At Essential Climbing we are thrilled to unveil the Vezi Otium Climbing Holds—a game-changing addition to our hold lineup that will redefine your climbing experience.

Based out of Slovenia and founded by Gregor Vezonik, Vezi Climbing Holds were designed to level up your climbing.

Otium holds showcase a distinctive swooped edge that not only serves a functional purpose but also imparts a unique touch to the range.

To explore the full range of Vezi Otium holds, please visit our website by clicking the button below!

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Truly Exceptional Climbing Holds

Premium Materials: Made at Aragon and crafted from the highest quality materials, our holds offer superior durability and grip, ensuring they keep their texture for years.

Innovative Design: Vezi Otium Climbing Holds are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The Vezi Otium Range is ideal for setting technical or powerful climbing.

Endless Possibilities: From jugs to crimps, slopers to edges, Otium offers endless possibilities for route setting and training, ensuring you’re always challenged and motivated.

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