USA Climbing Releases New Rulebook

USA Climbing

USA Climbing

USA Climbing recently introduced its rulebook for the 2020-2021 competition season. “While this Rulebook version is being released during a global pandemic, the rules contained herein do not represent USA Climbing’s entire attempt to update or modify rules or practices in order to enhance the safety of any individual preparing for or attending a USA Climbing competition or to meet local, state, or federal requirements or recommendations,” states the rulebook’s Introduction. “USA Climbing expects that additional policies and rules may be released as required or prudent, and that those additional policies and rules will work in conjunction with, or possibly replace, the rules herein.”


Many of the addendums and changes in the new rulebook are related to USA Climbing aligning more with the rules of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC), the global governing body of competition climbing. The new rulebook explains: “A multitude of rules have been updated, added, or removed so as to follow the directive of the USA Climbing Board of Directors and Executive Staff to align with the IFSC Rulebook where possible, and to provide appropriate adaptations where precise alignment with IFSC Rules is not in the interest of USA Climbing’s mission, market, or interest.”

Climbing Business Journal previously reported on some approved changes to USA Climbing season structures back in February; in large part, this new rulebook for 2020-2021 offers a  more detailed explanation of those changes and competition regulations.

The new rulebook can be accessed here.