USA Climbing Medical Committee, NCAA Task Force Members Selected


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USA Climbing recently named individuals to serve on its Medical Committee. According to a press release, this new committee “shall assist and support the development, implementation, and evaluation of medical-related programs for USA Climbing, including, but not limited to, athlete development protocol, injury reporting protocol, Paraclimbing classification, and more.”

The 17 individuals appointed to the Medical Committee are all highly credentialed, ranging from medical doctors and physical therapists to successful athletes.



USA Climbing also noted that 10 individuals have been named to its NCAA Task Force. The task force is an extension of USA Climbing’s ongoing effort to get climbing sanctioned as an NCAA sport. To that point, last year USA Climbing hired Rachel Owens to specifically manage and focus on the collegiate series and the NCAA goal. USA Climbing’s NCAA task force charter can be viewed here.

USA Climbing’s CEO, Marc Norman, said of all the appointees: “We are very excited to have these individuals help shape the future of USA Climbing and to help us better serve our athletes and varied constituents. I would like to thank everyone who expressed interest in serving on these committees and task forces.”

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