Uplift In Seattle To Host Routesetting Clinics June 14-16

Routesetting Clinics at Uplift

Routesetting Clinics at Uplift

We’re proud to provide two routesetting clinics in June! We’re passionate about providing new and continued growth opportunities for routesetters, and are excited to have Flannery Shay-Nemirow out to teach these clinics at Uplift Climbing in Seattle, WA.

Our Introductory Clinic will be on Tues 6/14, and will be open to people with little to no setting experience. If you’re exploring routesetting as a career, or looking for tips for your homewall, this is the clinic for you! This clinic will be all day, and have a 4:1 student to instructor ratio where you’ll receive direct feedback.

Our Professional Development Clinic will be on Wed-Th 6/15-16, and will cover both the commercial and competition side of routesetting, with an emphasis on movement and decision making. We’ll also be covering tactics on how to forerun efficiently and effectively, especially as part of a larger group. If you’re a commercial facility, this is a great opportunity to send your team to receive fresh ideas and learn best practices. Your gym and members will directly benefit from the renewed psych for plastic that your setters will bring home.

For those with limited financial resources or are underrepresented in the climbing industry, we’re happy to provide scholarships ranging from subsidized fees to fully free entry! If you’d like to be considered for a scholarship, please indicate as such on your application form.

Participants are accepted by application on a rolling basis, with early responses going out by May 14.

We’ll be having a free cook-out on Friday 6/17 for all clinic participants, if you’re sticking around for the weekend please join us!

More details and clinic applications available here: www.upliftclimbing.com/events

Intro Clinic Cost: $185
Professional Development Clinic Cost: $425

About Flannery Shay-Nemirow
Flannery has been climbing for 18 years and setting for 10. Originally from Colorado, they\’ve set at gyms across the US and Canada, as well as at National and International-level events with USAC and the IFSC. Their career has been almost exclusively freelance, focusing on bouldering competitions, clinic instruction and opening sets. Right now, they live in Tucson, AZ, where they still skip leg day. Recently, Flannery has routeset at the 2022 Collegiate Nationals, 2022 National Team Trials, 2021 IFSC SLC World Cup, 2021 National Team Trials, and the 2020 Pan American Championships.

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