Trango introduces the newest style from Ty Foose: Pard’ners

Trango Pard'ners


Trango Pard'nersLafayette, CO (July 18, 2022) – It seems like every day things get more complicated, harder to understand, and folks are havin a hard time gettin along like they used to. Even something simple as pickin out holds for the next set can be confusing as a bag of nails.

What we need is a set of climbing holds that reminds us we’re all better when we support one another, and work in partnership together towards the common goal of setting super fresh lines. Well, lucky for us all, Trango has made it easy to find just the right Pard’ner.

There are 50 Pard’ners in the line, all designed to be used effortlessly as blockers, stacks, and clusters. Each hold has 4 sides, each and every side is inclined at one of 5 standard angles of TILT, so they just fit together like a saddle and a blanket. Nothing complicated, just holds touching holds, like nature intended. Pard’ners are here to help you get the job done. They excel at creating moderate routes with visual appeal and interesting movement.

Having a Pard’ner in your workday makes it easy to set better routes with less work. Now, I can set with that.

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