Trango Holds, a leading manufacturer of world-class climbing holds, adds to its world-class line Khan collection

image of khans

image of khans

The joy of gym climbing is discovery. Anyone who trains in their local climbing gym knows that fresh routes and new holds are not only a means of getting strong and developing technique, but also for staying motivated and having fun. Plus, new holds are essential for climbing competitions from the local level to the Olympic Games. Trango Holds works with a talented team of shapers to ensure that route setters and climbers have something new to look forward to, every day, all year round.

Trango Holds (formerly known as eGrips) is proud to introduce new holds in the wildly popular Khan family. The Khan holds are developed by Trango shaper, Roy Quanstrom. The holds get their name from a high-level boulder problem in Ticino, Switzerland. “I was fortunate to climb The Jungle Book on my trip to Ticino,” relates Quanstrom. “It is one of the best problems in the world, and I named the Khans after Shere Khan, the tiger from the eponymous movie.” 

image of khans

Trango’s Khan hold line is known for its versatility. The first Khans were launched in early 2021; now the popular “franchise” is expanded with more holds, including an array of “jugs” that are designed to delight routesetters and climbers alike. “I’ve learned a lot more about shaping since the first line of Khans,” acknowledges Quanstrom. “I wanted to take some of the techniques I have learned and put it into this beloved line. Route setters will know, they’re excited because this update is primarily jugs!”  

Quanstrom has been a routesetter for more than two decades. While his first love is outdoor climbing, he quickly developed a passion for training at his local climbing gym. While his first love is outdoor climbing, the adventure, comradery and solitude of the mountains, he also has a passion for the gym, training and routesetting.  He’s a former competition climber and a USAC Level 4 National Routes Setter on the US pro circuit. 

The new holds include the following options:

Shaped primarily with a chainsaw, these feature-sized fiberglass shapes are intended to be more of a situation than traditional holds. Spin them 360 degrees for a different experience with every rotation. 

The younger siblings of the fiberglass options, these deep sloper jugs are simple, tweakable and nice on the eyes. These holds specifically add a missing piece to the original Khan line with their positivity and playfulness. 

Setters know that the single most versatile grip is the jug. They appeal to  beginner climbers as well as to those looking to max out their power moves. The Khan Jugs go from vert terrain style jugs to double incut roof jugs. 

These comfy, single handed mini jugs are ideal for technical slow movement to gripping and ripping. They are suitable for every angle of the gym. 

Finger Buckets:
Mini mini mega jugs! If you are setting for kids, or enjoy patina roof crimping, you’ll want to try these. Shaped with the spray wall and comp boulders in mind, these sharp incut jugs are not built for comfort like their family members, these are built for grit. 

Khan Holds are available from

image of khans

About Trango:
Founded in Boulder, Colorado in 1991, Trango is an athlete driven brand, dedicated to challenging the status quo of climbing and dedicated to advancing indoor gym technology. At Trango, we create innovative equipment that climbers trust. Our company is passionate about creating innovative, solution-oriented products that help climbers pursue the sport we love. You can count on Trango gear to deliver something extra, something special that will contribute to your day climbing, indoors or out.

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