Touchstone Workers United Win Union Election – First Southern California Climbing Gyms To Unionize

image of touchstone union

image of touchstone union

LOS ANGELES – March 11, 2024 – Today, the National Labor Relations Board agents counted ballots from Touchstone’s union election. The union organizing committee is thrilled to share that the union has won the election!

All five Touchstone gym locations in Southern California: The Post (Pasadena), Hollywood Boulders (Hollywood), Verdigo Boulders (Burbank), Cliffs of ID (Culver City), and LA Boulders (DTLA) are now the first Southern California climbing gyms to have unionized.

Workers will move ahead with forming a bargaining committee for negotiation as the certification process continues. The organizing committee recognizes that the work does not stop here, and we are excited to have workers elect representatives for the committee.

Further, we are excited to have a seat at the table with management and to build a better company together. We hope this inspires other workers that a grassroots movement like this is both achievable and rewarding.

Worker interviews and photos are available upon request.


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