Top 6 Cities to Open a Climbing Gym

Photo: Eldorado Walls
Photo: Eldorado Walls

With so many climbing gyms opening across the country many people talk of a “gym bubble” that may soon pop. It’s true that more gyms have opened this year than any year prior. But there are still huge parts of the country that don’t have a climbing gym or are under served by first-generation gyms. The American south and midwest are particularly under represented. Texas, Florida and the Rust Belt are home to some of the largest population centers in the country with some of the oldest and smallest gyms.

No matter where you are in the country, customers are flocking to new facilities that are clean, well lit and have modern touches such as full-amenity locker rooms, good ventilation and friendly, un-intimidating staff.

Now that the Chicago market is getting two new gyms, CBJ wanted to know what other locations in the US were promising locations for an expansion-minded gym owner to consider. This is not an exhaustive list of every location that could use a climbing gym, there are just too many to list them all. What this list does is highlight the biggest cities in America that are ripe for opening a combined rope and bouldering facility, a so-called full service gym. Bouldering gyms don’t fret, we’ll publish a list of the best places to open a bouldering-only facility next month.

See our top six locations to open a climbing gym in America:

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