Super Bowl Wall Finds New Home


The climbing wall that wowed spectators at the 2015 Super Bowl will now be relocated to a park in Phonix, Arizona.

The former Super Bowl wall.  Photo:
The former Super Bowl wall. Photo:

One-third of the massive structure (30 feet tall and 28 feet wide), called the “Grand Canyon Experience,” will join the other rides and attractions at the Enchanted Island Amusement Park near Encanto Boulevard, Gregg Bach, spokesman for the Parks and Recreation Department told AZcentral.

During the Super Bowl, climbers could choose between two climbing sections and watch as a video display and flowed a waterfall over the top of the “cliff”. Phoenix received the climbing portions as a gift after the festivities.

The wall has since sat under a tarp in a city public works yard, Bach said.

Bach said he wasn’t sure where the remaining section would go, but that it could be used for replacement parts.

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