Sterling Brings “Rope Soak” to New York


Press Release:

The Rock Club in New Rochelle New York, is gearing up for their next big event in the spring: the First Ever (anywhere!) Spring Rope Soak! It’s going to be a sprawling spring barbecue across the entire facility. The main theme is the “Rope Soak,” but The Rock Club has come up with a vast number of rope and outdoor climbing-related and equipment-maintenance activities. It is an event for climbers with their own ropes and equipment to ask questions and service their gear. This is a huge opportunity for the Rock Club to help the Outdoor climbing community grow in the tri-state area.

Sterling Ropes Company, leading rope retailer in the industry, and also sponsoring The Rock Club’s Spring Rope soak, say that they have never heard of anything like this being offered before. They are excited to be involved, and are confident this will be the perfect opportunity to showcase their brand, while contributing to the safety and longevity of each rope’s climb. This is a unique event that will give climbers the opportunity to care for their ropes. Stations will include:

  • Rope washing set-up using Sterling’s rope-wash
  • Rope trimming and measuring station
  • Middle marking station
  • Rope and Nylon information fact sheets and ask the expert
  • Sterling Ropes recycling drop-off
  • Rope coiling demo
  • Cam cleaning and replacement stations
  • Local outdoor climbing area gurus

This event will undoubtedly bring climbers together from other local gyms, straight off the crag, and outside in the sun to care for their ropes, and have a fun and educational day at The Rock Club.

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