Sliding Scale Membership by the Numbers at The Spot

Climber in Gym
Photo by Hunter Smith
Climber in Gym
Photo by Hunter Smith

Colorado, Thursday February 2, 2023 –  Last year, we launched the Sliding Scale Membership, a new, pay-what-you-can gym membership which was the first of its kind in Colorado. Our goal was to make climbing more accessible by creating personalized membership rates that meet climbers where they are. In April, we started accepting applications.

Here’s what we achieved in 2022:


Why create a Sliding Scale Membership?

We think the answer’s pretty obvious, but here’s what Nathan, Membership Manager of The Spot, had to say:

“Climbing makes me happy and it makes the people I love happy. How could I not want to share that with as many people as possible?”

Disadvantaged groups often find themselves excluded from sports like rock climbing – our hope was to break down financial barriers so that everyone can experience what we love so much.

How does the Sliding Scale Membership work?

Our Sliding Scale Membership includes 3 different membership rates, all significantly discounted from our standard rates. After a climber completes the application, our membership team determines the best rate for them, taking into consideration the applicant’s annual household income, the number of people in the applicant’s household, federal poverty guidelines, and a few other factors.

What’s the impact?

The Sliding Scale Membership has made climbing accessible for hundreds of new members who otherwise couldn’t afford it. This makes the sport more inclusive for everyone and diversifies our community. Here’s what Kristen, one of our 2022 Sliding Scale Members, had to say about the program:

“Thank you so, so, so much. I’m stoked to get into the gym – it’s been years! The respect I have for The Spot to keep memberships accessible is more than any other gym I’ve been to throughout the west!”

As our own Sliding Scale Membership has grown, other climbing gyms have asked for advice, and we can’t wait to see similar programs across the state. If you have questions about the Sliding Scale Membership, email us at We can’t wait to climb with you!

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