“Setting Your Culture Up for Success” Webinar on April 26

Setting Your Culture Up For Success webinar

Setting Your Culture Up For Success webinar

LIVE WEBINAR: Setting Your Culture Up For Success

Wednesday, April 26, 2023 at 11:00am MDT

In this second webinar of the Climbing Gym Management Series, we’ll dive into business culture. Defining your brand and operationalizing your business values can be challenging but is a key factor in differentiation and success. In this webinar with Gavin Heverly of Rise Above Consulting we break down the process:

  • What is culture? And why it is so critical to being competitive and to retaining both customers and staff. Answer: values plus behavior
  • Ways to determine a business’s values and principles
  • Tactics to operationalize your business’s values
  • How to drive high-performance business culture

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Elevate Climbing Walls

About the Climbing Gym Management Series

Launching, managing and growing a climbing gym is no easy task. The industry is still very young, and opportunities to learn these skills are few and far between.

That is why CBJ is excited to bring you our new Climbing Gym Management Series in partnership with Gavin Heverly of Rise Above Consulting. Gavin brings decades of experience with both small single facilities and large multi-market chains.

Our goal with this series is to empower prospective and current climbing gym owners and managers by shedding light on and sharing tips on topics important to you.

Missed our first webinar?

The recording of Launching Your First Climbing Gym is available to staff of Plus and Premium member businesses, or for $59 individually.

In the next webinars, the Series will dive into other climbing gym management essentials:

  • Hiring and Retaining Your All-Star Team – Tue May 23 at 11am MDT
  • Building Trust With Your Customer Service – Wed Jun 28 at 11am MDT
  • Sales Planning to Launch Strong and Grow Steadily
  • Designing Your Offering of Programs and Classes
  • Managing Your Business and Customer Risks
  • And more
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