Setter Summit 2.0 Combines With Grip Showcase In Salt Lake City

Setter Summit and Grip Showcase 2023

Setter Summit and Grip Showcase 2023

Salt Lake City, UT – Vertical Solutions and Proxy Climbing will host their Setter Summit and CBJ’s Grip Showcase at The Front Climbing Club’s South Main location on June 24th.

The CBJ Grip Showcase was established in 2022, from a desire to show appreciation for all that the climbing hold industry has to offer. From beloved household names to brands just starting out, the Showcase is a chance for major industry players to personally interact with brands directly on the wall. Rather than a traditional route featuring a myriad of brands, each route at the showcase features a single brand, giving climbers, setters, and gym owners a chance to truly experience all that brand has to offer in a unique and unmatched setting.

This year, Vertical Solutions and Proxy Climbing are bringing even more to the table, hosting the Showcase alongside Proxy’s 2nd ever Setter Summit; an event that brings route setters from across North America together for specialized clinics, competitions, and setting events. They’re launching the week of events with a welcome party and mini trade show, giving participating brands the chance to interact with Setter Summit attendees before Grip Showcase setting begins.

The final official night of the Grip Showcase ends with a bang. The Front, well known for their impressive, crowd attracting events, will introduce the first-ever Grip Showcase Redpoint Competition, capping the night with an in-person vote for CBJ’s Grip List Showcase Award and celebratory afterparty. It’s a cannot miss event, bringing hundreds of climbing enthusiasts into one space!

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“It was evident that merging the Grip Showcase and Setter Summit events was the way to go. By doing so, we’re hosting a highly anticipated event featuring the Grip Showcase Redpoint Round and providing route setters from all over the country with the opportunity to handle the holds through the Setter Summit. This dual event will give our participating brands extensively more exposure than what we offered last year. In an increasingly saturated and competitive market, our goal with the Grip Showcase and Setter Summit is to get the holds in the hands of the decision-makers.”
– Liz Pecknold, Sales Manager, Vertical Solutions

All brand representatives are welcome to attend all events within the Grip Showcase.

Route setters wanting to participate in this year’s combined Grip Showcase and Setter Summit events can review clinic schedules and register at Attendees of the event are welcome to vote for their Showcase favorites on June 24th in person, or through the Pebble Climbing app.

If you’re a climber looking to take part in the Grip Showcase Redpoint Competition, you can register at:

About Vertical Solutions

Vertical Solutions was born in 2007 in Salt Lake City when an expert craftsman with a passion for climbing joined forces with a novice entrepreneur with a passion for creating memorable experiences. Investing heavily in quality and aesthetics, Vertical Solutions’ designs and materials are a departure from the previously accepted “norm,” consistently creating authentic communities that unify and expand the reach and appeal of indoor climbing well beyond the winter-season trainer. For more information, please email Colt Jarvis at

About CBJ’s Grip Showcase

The concept for Climbing Business Journal’s Grip Showcase was born from a desire to introduce, recognize, and experience climbing hold brands from across the globe in a new way. With several gyms introducing the idea of “branded routes”, ones fully displaying the distinct possibilities that a brand or set could offer, it became clear that these setting techniques could be used for more than the sake of aesthetics. Thus, in 2022, the first ever Grip Showcase was held at The Front South Main alongside the 2022 CWA Summit.

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