Sender One Unveils Plans for a Bouldering-Only Gym

Image courtesy of Sender One.
Image: Sender One.

Sender One
Playa Vista, CA

Specs: 7,000-square-foot facility, scheduled to open in the coming year, will be Sender One’s first gym to be bouldering-only. Additional amenities will include an array of training accoutrements (weights, hangboards, etc.). The gym will reside south of Santa Monica in the Runway Playa Vista Community, known for being one of Los Angeles’ most artistic enclaves.

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Bouldering at Sender One LAX. Image: Sender One

Walls: Walltopia
Flooring: Cascade Specialty

In Their Words: “Any gym developer in a major metropolitan area is probably running into similar challenges that we are. We want to be where our people are, but to be in close proximity to them, there are real estate [size and space] limitations, in terms of what is available. This is a chance to see and broaden what Sender One Climbing means. Is it just the cool, tall rope walls, or is it something else…something like the communities that we can grow? Part of this [project] is tackling a new challenge—bringing Sender One Climbing into a new and different kind of space with bouldering, and working with the space that is available.”
—Wes Shih, co-founder and COO, Sender One

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