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CLIMB For Kids 2024

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For the month of May, join climbers, gyms, and sponsors in a campaign against childhood trauma. Join us as a sponsor!

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Kids who are struggling with a parent or caregiver’s cancer diagnosis may feel helpless and alone. The Children’s Treehouse Foundation is here, and we’ve got the beta on emotional support. You don’t have to look far to find someone who has been touched by cancer.

Among the most vulnerable are the children affected by a parent or caregivers diagnosis. The pressure that cancer treatment places on a family and the fears and uncertainties that children feel can leave emotional scars that last a lifetime. The Children’s Treehouse Foundation and its support program CLIMB® (Children’s Lives Include Moments of Bravery) are on a mission to ensure that no child or teen feels helpless or alone in the face of a parent or caregivers’ cancer.

Gym owners, operators and managers, you can help us hit our goals! Addressing a global issue of this scale takes social awareness and money.

Hanging up a poster and educating your staff about the campaign can help us introduce CLIMB® to a new audience. You never know who will feel inspired to help, or sho may know someone in need.

Donors and community partners share our hope for a better future. You can help us reach our fundraising goals in a variety of ways. Here are some great suggestions.

A Pledge
Your gym can pledge to match donations made by members and patrons. You can select a pledge amount that you are comfortable with and then match the total contributions made by your community up to that amount. If your community raises more than your pledge, awesome, but it doesn’t affect your pledge amount unless you choose to raise it. A pledge is a great way to help get the ball rolling.

A Collection
Your gym simply helps collect donations. This can be done through a “round-up” campaign if your point-of-sale system allows it, or even just a big jar of cash.

A Raffle
Your gym can sell raffle tickets that go toward things such as gym gift certificates or other prizes you can provide. You can set the price of the raffle tickets according to the value of the prizes. You can arrange multiple raffles with their own corresponding tickets, or have one ticket that enters members into a chance to win one (or more) different prizes.

Campaign kicks off on May 1st!

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