Second High Point in Huntsville Will Bring Hard Bouldering to City Center

High Point Lincoln Mill steep bouldering rendering
High Point Lincoln Mill―the gym chain’s second site in Huntsville―will bring some steeper indoor climbing terrain to the area, in a historic development just north of the city center. (All renderings courtesy of High Point Climbing and Fitness)

High Point Climbing and Fitness – Lincoln Mill
Huntsville, Alabama

Specs: High Point Climbing and Fitness’ seventh facility is planned to open in Huntsville, Alabama, by the end of 2022. It will be the second Huntsville location of the Chattanooga-based company, with features designed to complement the Mid City gym. Nearer to the city center, Lincoln Mill will offer a wider variety of climbing and training terrain, including 4,500 square feet of bouldering surface. “The climbing community in Huntsville is strong!” said John Wiygul, Partner/President of High Point. “We need to have harder climbing terrain. So, we are adding steeper bouldering angles to complement what our other facility lacks.”

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According to a press release, “Lincoln Mill was chosen as the new location because High Point believes its unique character, historical significance, and easy accessibility make it a winning combination.” The new facility is being built inside a 1900s dye house, in close proximity to retail shops, restaurants, a coffee shop, and a cafe/bar in an outdoor courtyard that is adjacent to the gym. “It’s great to be able to reuse such a historical space and provide a wonderful climbing gym to the community,” Wiygul added.

Other features of the facility include hydraulically adjustable training walls, a pro shop, youth teams, and adult climbing leagues. Teams in the adult leagues will compete locally, practice together a few times a week, and were created in part so that younger climbers in Huntsville could enjoy the comradery of competitions. Gym members will have access to all facilities―the two gyms in Huntsville and High Point’s other gyms in Alabama and Tennessee. “It’s great to have seven facilities in a relatively close proximity, allowing members to visit other gyms and expand their climbing terrain,” continued Wiygul. “Our GM in Huntsville, Randall Townsend, has done an exceptional job in Huntsville cultivating a new climbing community, and we are very proud to continue to work with him on our second gym there.”

More bouldering at High Point Lincoln Mill
The climbing walls at the forthcoming Lincoln Mill gym will be climbed on by youth and adult team members, and were designed with bouldering leagues in mind.

Walls: Walltopia
Flooring: Flashed
CRM Software: RGP
Instagram: @HighPointClimbing

In Their Words: “When our members and guests get together to climb, no matter their strength or experience level, you end up with a wonderful and supportive group of people. We want to use our facilities to create more experiences like that. We look forward to opening our new site at Lincoln Mill.” – Johnny O’Brien, co-owner

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