Route Setter Magazine #5 On Sale Now

Route Setter Magazine

Route Setter Magazine

We are excited to announce that the NEW Route Setter Magazine is soon to be released! Pre-Order now!

As every year, the magazine will make its debut on Vertical PRO trade show on 25th of November.

Thanks to the contribution of many industry experts and partners, we’ve been able to take  a look at central topics that are of concern to the indoor climbing industry: a reflection on the history of some of the most famous system boards with Moon Board, Tension Board and Kilter Board; a look inside Singapore’s Climbing Scene including interviews with gym owners and climbing pioneers; insights into our Route Setter Magazine International Survey; RSM Photo Contest 2022 and many more.

As always, an integrated catalog provides an overview of the top products from the brands and suppliers of the gym industry.

Order your copy here. For orders from 4 pieces, as well as orders for wholesale, please
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