Rock Gym Pro Adds API for Gym Marketers


Rock Gym Pro (RGP), the popular customer management and point of sales software for climbing gyms, announced in a January update that it now has an application programming interface (API). The API enables gyms using RGP to connect their activity in the RGP software with external marketing services.

Already, the API works with Zapier, an integrations platform that automates actions between web applications. Gyms can now set-up the sending of “events” in RGP – such as check-ins or bookings for a specific facility or customer – to Zapier which then trigger actions within 3rd party applications like Google Docs, MailChimp and others. Identified examples of use include managing a list of active members in RGP within another system or automatically sending new guest details to an email campaign or SMS messaging system.

“We’re super excited about the Zapier integration,” says Andy Laakmann, Founder/Developer of RGP. “We’ve had a number of gyms request a way to connect RGP data with apps they use outside of RGP…It will be fun to watch how our savvy customers put this tool to use.”


Kristin Horowitz, COO of The Pad Climbing in San Luis Obispo, California says, “The integration will save us hundreds of hours over the course of the year and give us a much better picture of our operations across every single touchpoint with potential and existing members…The less ‘busy work’ someone has to do to produce results, the happier they are – and everyone at The Pad Climbing is pretty happy.”

The first iteration of the API will be read-only, meaning gyms will not be able to alter their records inside RGP through these applications. The RGP newsletter carrying the latest updates confirmed the company plans to develop “more robust capabilities” in the future, following further feedback from its clients.

One of those capabilities currently in development is using the API to offer climbing gyms 24/7 door access and turnstile entrance management, a project which Laakmann confirms is coming soon.

“The basic read-only API released in this latest update is really just the foundation for bigger things to come,” continues Laakmann. “We’ll be gathering feedback in the coming months to see how gyms want to use it – the possibilities are almost endless!”