projectROCK Brings Its Rock-Realistic Gym Concept to South Carolina

projectROCK Easley gym rendering
The planned projectROCK expansion gym―located in Easley, South Carolina―will include a host of rock-realistic features, such as a model of Delicate Arch. (All images courtesy of projectROCK)

Easley, South Carolina

Specs: To best understand projectROCK’s latest gym project, it’s important to step back to the beginning. The original projectROCK facility near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was an idea imagined by owner Marc Landau “while climbing on the side of a mountain,” according to projectROCK’s website. Since local climbers had to travel far to climb outside, projectROCK Oakland Park and its 60-foot climbing walls were designed to create the “illusion of traveling to popular climbing destinations throughout The Americas,” including Yosemite Valley, Red Rock Nevada, Joshua Tree, Smith Rock, Horse Pens 40 and Devils Tower.



Opened in 2017―and with the support of Landau’s wife, Laura, and his “right hand and corporate GM,” Charif Chebbab―the gym’s initial success led to the expansion of the gym concept. While by no means the first climbing gym brand to offer rock-realistic climbing, projectROCK does takes that idea to an impressive level. Expected to open later this year, projectROCK Easley in South Carolina will feature +31,000 square feet of climbing and taller climbing walls than its predecessor―up to 83 feet―and is also modeled after the aforementioned rock climbing locations, a concept that extends beyond the climbing.

“We also have tried to create an environment where our climbers and guests felt like they were in a park,” Landau explained. “We have a campground area, complete with park benches, and rubberized mulch in FL and artificial grass in SC, where our guests can eat and drink…Our Manager’s office is located in a cabin and our party room is in a Barn.” The new South Carolina facility, in particular, will include a “45’ RADrock realistic replica of Delicate Arch and a 50’ RADrock realistic replica of Monkey Face.”

projectROCK gym concept
“Climbing The Americas in one day” is a theme incorporated into the design and layout of both projectROCK facilities.

While incorporating outdoorsy elements, projectROCK Easley will offer some modern gym amenities too, such as a 15-meter speed wall, Kilter board, campus station and yoga classes. Additional programming will include CHEER and Ninja operations, belay classes and a youth team. “We also have a fitness gym (projectFITNESS) within the Sports Complex that has treadmills, an elliptical machine, a stationary bicycle, several different workout machines and dumbbells to provide an all-around workout,” Landau added.

For younger climbers, a kids area called “The American Valley” will have rock-realistic features as well. According to Landau, this area “will include the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Morris Island Lighthouse (from SC of course), the Space Needle, Mount Rushmore, and The White House.” There will also be a Golden Gate Bridge traverse wall.

projectROCK Easley outdoor elements
A second rendering of the new projectROCK Easley, equipped with training systems, a Joshua-Tree-inspired bouldering area and picnic tables.

Walls: RADrock Creations
Flooring: Flashed
CRM Software: Mindbody
Instagram: @projectrockclimbing

In Their Words: “As I climbed more and more outdoors, I realized I wanted to bring outdoor climbing [indoors]. I felt that most people that got into this sport would probably never go climb real rock outside. That is why we made approximately 20% of our [first] facility in a rock-realistic fashion so everyone can get the look and feel of climbing outside while still being inside, in South Florida and now South Carolina.” ― Marc Landau, Owner