Bold Q3 Preorder Deadline 3/25 – Terms Are Available

bold climbing blade runners

Q3 comin’. And ya gonna need holds.

Preorder all the Bold brands by March 25th for Q3 delivery.

bold climbing blade runners
The Blade Runner macro line from UNIT. A sleek, dualtex, brand new line of edges and dishes that foster the technical, precise, powerful movement so deeply rooted in the brand. In the IFSC World Cup circuit, and now in your gym.

Preorder click here.

Q3 Preordering is open for all Bold brands macros and volumes.

360 • Artline • Blocz • Bluepill • CCE • Chapter • Rockcity • Simpl • Unit

Price drop!

Costs have gone down and we are passing the savings on to you. In December we lowered prices on many products by as much as 24%. You can see our new prices on our website.

image of Force Majeure #9Force Majeure #9, one of 21 captivating shapes in a line of surprising slopers, dishes and huecos, that set stunners in every grade level.

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What’s this Q3 preordering?

Tap out your Q1 budget, or pay later! Each season we receive a shipping container of volumes and macros from Europe. We add your made-to-order items to it so you can get exactly what you want instead of being limited by our stock — as long as you order by March 25th at You will receive these shapes in Q3 2024 (July to September). Choose ANY of your favorite macros, volumes, colors, and textures.

Terms available:
If you’d like to pay in Q2 or Q3, please email We’ll help you set up terms that fit your gym’s budget.

360 produced shapes should arrive by July (at the latest Sept).
Blocz produced shapes should arrive by August (at the latest Sept).
* If you have a certain deadline please contact us for more details.

How to order?
Order any shape on our website and we will take care of the rest. You will receive these shapes in Q3 2024 (July – September). On the website shopping cart you can choose to have all your shapes/products shipped together or seperately when available.
Email for more info. Deadline March 25th!

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