Popular East Coast Gym Franchise Heads West

Preview of the new Gravity Vault coming to Marin County, California. All images provided by Gravity Vault
Gravity Vault Heads West with this Marin County Gym
Preview of Gravity Vault’s first West Coast location, coming to Marin County, California. All images provided by Gravity Vault

Gravity Vault
Marin County, California

Specs: 20,000-square-foot gym will be the first West Coast location for Gravity Vault, which has facilities in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The new California location will include all types of roped climbing (top rope, lead, speed) as well as bouldering. A weightlifting and general fitness area will also be part of the layout, as will locker rooms, showers, work spaces, adjustable training boards, and a gear retail area. The gym will offer Yoga and fitness classes as well.

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Gravity Vault Heads West with Owner Kovalcik and Franchisees Sklar and Platter
Gravity Vault owner Lucas Kovalcik (left) with franchisees Scott Sklar (middle) and Brian Platter (right).

Walls: Rockwerx
Flooring: Futurist
Website: gravityvault.com

In Their Words: “I could not be more excited! After leaving California 15 years ago to start The Gravity Vault in New Jersey, where I was born and raised, bringing the brand to California with great franchise partners…in a phenomenal place like Marin County is amazing.”
—Lucas Kovalcik, Owner, Gravity Vault

“It’s been over 12 years since Marin County has had a climbing gym. Brian [Platter, franchisee partner] and I are thrilled to be working with our long-time friend Lucas [Kovalcik] and The Gravity Vault team to create a modern, fully featured, state-of-the-art climbing gym for our vibrant and growing community of climbers in the county.”
—Scott Sklar, franchisee partner

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