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PhysiVāntage performance nutrition
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PhysiVāntage was founded by world-renowned climbing coach and best-selling author Eric Hörst in December 2018. His goal was to develop unparalleled performance nutrition for climbers. Four years later, PhysiVāntage has eight science-based products that address the common pain points and unique needs of passionate climbers.

Over the last four years, PhysiVāntage has gone from an R&D-stage upstart to a proven leader in the field with arguably the climbing industry’s most impressive Pro Team, comprised of Jonathan Siegrist, Natalia Grossman, Daniel Woods, Jimmy Webb, Paige Claassen, Drew Ruana, Brittany Goris, Jordan Cannon, Matt Fultz and Ross Fulkerson―to name just a few of the more than 50 elite climbers using PhysiVāntage nutrition!

After three years as primarily a direct-to-consumer brand, PhysiVāntage is now available for retail sales at select USA climbing gyms and stores. For more information on becoming a PhysiVāntage retail partner, email or call 717-394-1678.

Readers in Europe can now acquire PhysiVāntage nutrition from the European distributors EPIC-TV and BananaFingers.

Nutritional Support for Injury-Resistance, Strength Gains, Recovery, and Performance

As good as climbing is for the heart and soul, it can be quite hard on the body.

Muscle aches and joint pains are part of the game, as well as, unfortunately, the risk of tendon and pulley tweaks and a variety of gradual-onset overuse injuries.

PhysiVāntage products were designed from scratch to address the unique needs of enthusiastic climbers. PhysiVāntage’s most impactful products include:

Supercharged Collagen™ – This game-changing supplement supports collagen synthesis in connective tissues and force-transfer muscle matrix, thus accelerating recovery after hard sessions and promoting stronger, healthier ligaments, tendons, and finger flexor pulleys. Available in chocolate, vanilla, peach mango, and natural (unflavored).

Endure X™ – Mixed with water and consumed early in a workout or climbing session, Endure X aims to boost power-endurance, accelerate recovery between efforts, and support blood flow and oxygen kinetics. Recreational and pro climbers alike will feel the difference Endure X makes!

Weapons-Grade Whey Protein® – This novel protein complex supports muscle protein synthesis, strength gains, recovery, and immunity. Available in three delicious flavors.

Powerplex – A delicious plant-based protein that provides an optimal amino acid profile compared to any single plant protein source. Each serving contains 10 grams of Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) including more than 2 grams of Leucine—ideal for supporting muscle protein synthesis post-workout.

FLOW – A unique 2-in-1 Electrolyte formula, FLOW combines the power of vegan branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), L-glutamine, and electrolytes sourced from Coconut Water Powder, Himalayan Pink Salt, and Aquamin™ multi-mineral complex. Mix FLOW with water in a large bottle and sip throughout activity/exercise to support muscle and nerve function, reduce cramping and fatigue, and help maintain proper hydration.

All PhysiVāntage products are made in the USA with premium ingredients and contain NO added sugars, NO preservatives, and NO artificial flavors/colors. 100% clean nutrition that works!

About Eric Hörst, PhysiVāntage Founder & CEO

Eric is an international best-selling author, published researcher, renowned climbing coach, and accomplished climber of 45 years. He is the author of Training for Climbing which, along with his seven other books, have sold nearly 500,000 copies worldwide. Hörst has also written hundreds of magazine articles and appeared on numerous TV broadcasts; his training philosophy, techniques and tips have been featured in countless publications around the world.

As a self-professed “climber for life”, Eric remains active in both training at the gym and climbing hard at the crags. In addition to his duties as founder and CEO of PhysiVāntage, Eric continues to travel and speak on the topic of climbing performance, as well as coach a handful of elite climbers.

Hear Eric describe the genesis of PhysiVāntage in this 3-minute mini-documentary titled “Just This”.

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