PhysiVāntage Nutrition Launches Medical Advisory Board

physivantage medical advisors

physivantage medical advisors


[Lancaster, PA, 01/23/24] PhysiVāntage, climbing’s premier sports nutrition brand, has recently created a medical advisory board to help provide clinical, research, and educational support for its products.

The brand, led by best-selling author and climbing coach Eric Hörst, has centered itself on scientifically sound supplementation since its establishment in 2019. Each PhysiVāntage product rests on a foundation of research into the physiological needs of athletes and the nutritional function of each ingredient in meeting those needs. PhysiVāntage includes that research in a descriptive summary of each product page so that athletes can understand the scientific basis for each product and make informed nutritional decisions.

The Medical Advisory Board represents the next level of self-regulation over its own high standards for PhysiVāntage. The board currently consists of Thomas Cunningham, M.D., and Noah Kaufman, M.D.

Dr. Cunningham comes to the Medical Advisory Board from a background in emergency medicine. He has published several medical research papers, holds multiple patents for medical technology, and has served as the VP of Innovation for Inscope Medical Solutions where he helped design groundbreaking medical devices for use in emergency and surgical contexts. Still passionate about research Dr Cunningham has continued to serve as gratis research faculty at the University of Louisville focusing on the bioenergetics and metabolic demands of climbing. He now spearheads his own functional and integrative medical practice at Dr. Cunningham has also built an elite climbing resume alongside his medical career with redpoints up to 5.14c to his name.

Dr. Kaufman is also a board-certified emergency medicine specialist, who has served as a partner at Tahoe Emergency Physicians and as an emergency medicine physician in Wyoming, Colorado, and Kentucky. He has appeared on-air as the resident medical expert for Channel 9 KUSA News (Denver) and regularly participates in peer-review research committees. Dr. Kaufman has simultaneously pursued an athletic career both as a climber and a top competitor on American Ninja Warrior.

Both medical experts and athletes in their own right, Dr. Cunningham and Dr. Kaufman assist PhysiVāntage in producing nutritional supplements that are natural, safe, and clinically dosed for effectiveness. They contribute their expertise to the research and development behind each product. With their support, PhysiVāntage will continue to provide trustworthy nutritional assistance for athletes in pursuit of physiological optimization.

About PhysiVāntage Nutrition

PhysiVāntage is the first complete line of performance nutrition products for climbers. Bringing together decades of climbing and coaching experience with the latest clinical research and sports science, PhysiVāntage is dedicated to creating innovative and highly effective nutritional supplements that are safe, natural, and ethical. Their research-based formulas are designed to support muscle recovery and strength gains, improve power endurance and stamina, reduce injury risk, and accelerate rehab and healing after injury. The brand aspires to help athletes build stronger, more powerful, and injury-resistant bodies for pursuing their performance goals and sustaining health and strength over the long arc of their outdoor recreational journey.

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