Nicros Patents Auto Belay System




Nicros Inc. is reporting they have obtained a patent on their auto belay system, A.B.S.S.  Their system is perhaps the first of it’s kind to address the all too often problem of climbers leaving the ground without being clipped into the auto belay.

Nicros statement:

Nicros is proud to receive a patent on the new Auto Belay Safety System™ (A.B.S.S.™ – Patent Number 8,408,360). This important device provides climbers, climbing wall owners and climbing wall operators a warning for users forgetting to attach to the Auto Belay devices on a climbing wall.

This innovative product uses sensors to determine if a climber is on the wall climbing and has forgotten to “clip in”. In the event this occurs, an audible alarm will sound and a light will change color alerting the climber as well as facility staff that an unsafe condition may be present. This ability to provide an advance warning to climbers and staff is crucial in helping to reduce accidents and can also be used as a proximity device for climbing walls that are closed to users.

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