New Jersey Rock Gym Climbs to New Heights with DNP Action Capture

DNP action capture

DNP action captureConcord, NC – November 8, 2022 – Tucked away in the heart of Fairfield, NJ proudly stands the New Jersey Rock Climbing Gym. Boasting a 12,000 sq ft. climbing surface and multiple bouldering walls, the gym attracts New Jersey climbers of all ages and skillsets, and serves as a popular attractions venue for children’s birthday parties.

In an effort to enhance the birthday party experience for guests, and leverage business profit opportunity, the rock gym looked to DNP Imagingcomm’s all-new Action Capture System. The easily-installable system securely mounts at the top of the gym’s massive climbing summit to capture party guests’ champion moment at the top of the wall.

“Action Capture has been a great addition to our gym,” said Doug Meyer, General Manager, New Jersey Rock Climbing Gym. “Seeing guests walk away with the biggest smile on their face and showing off their printed memory of reaching the top of the wall serves as a clear reminder of why we do the work we do.”

DNP’S Action Capture System features two major components, the Action Capture Base Kit and the Action Capture Camera Kit. The base kit provides everything a venue needs to get started with Action Capture including the system camera and mount, control unit trigger button, DNP photo printer and one box of media. Once set up with the base kit, venues can expand photo zones with the help of DNP’s Action Capture Camera kit featuring an Action Capture camera, mount and trigger button.

Each printer produces unique, high-quality, long-lasting photo memories using DNP’s dye-sublimation printing technology. DNP photo printers produce images that dry instantly, ensuring photos are smudge-free and immediately ready for party guests to take back home with them. Better yet, venues can customize the photo prints with branding for leveraged advertising and exposure.

“Branding and photo printing are important because it’s how we can get our name out there,” added Meyer. “Now that guests have prints they can take with them and share with others, our customer base and business can grow long after the party ends or climbers leave the gym.”

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dnp action capture

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