New Ino’Holds Announces GreenMix Eco-Material

Ino'Holds GreenMix

Ino'Holds GreenMix

Explore your senses
AlpX, textured skins

With Ino’Holds, we are reinventing the climbing take known until now. Between finely drawn lines and curious textures, our climbing takes advocate a return to the senses. Reconnect with your emotions and explore unknown sensations through unique climbing experiences.

Reinvent matter
GreenMix, the innovative and ecological material

To reinvent matter is to question it. To question its technical characteristics, its ecological impact, its sensory qualities. With GreenMix, we create a more sustainable, responsible and environmentally friendly material.

Manufacture climbing
A French brand and ethics

Ino’Holds offers innovative products. French know-how is given pride of place for these ethical and aesthetic achievements. Responsible climbing is always possible.


  • Create a new hybride material more ecological
  • Keep the PE resin advantage (durability; strong UV resistance; low cost)
  • Approach the PU advantage (lightness; robustness; colorimetry)
  • hemp fiber charge
  • PET resin : 1 plastic bottle = 1L of GreenMix
  • lighter and stronger than PE resin


  • Sensory and technical climbing holds
  • 3D printing technology for master
  • Exploring new senses
  • Creating new aesthetic
  • 3 textured skins
  • Improving grip durability
  • Dual texture / 3D printing texture
  • Positive grip


  • Dual aesthetic : organic grip vs. geometric base
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Dense polyuréthane foam

Ino'Holds AlpX textures

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