New Indoor Climbing Trade Show Is Coming to Chattanooga

Indoor Climbing Expo

Indoor Climbing Expo

Indoor climbing has been growing steadily for decades, and so too have  the businesses that serve this market. Across the world, industry trade shows have popped up to help brands connect with facilities, and the latest addition for North America has just been announced.

The Indoor Climbing Expo (ICE) is coming to the Chattanooga Convention Center on December 13-16, 2023. The location and timing was strategic, to align with the peak local climbing season, in the hopes of providing more than just a business gathering. “We want to truly mix pleasure with business,” said Travis Williams, founder of ICE, in their press release

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In addition to industry workers, the event will also be open to the general public, with tickets going on sale before the end of 2022. Approximately one third of the Convention Center has been reserved (enough space for several thousand attendees), over 200 booths, and three meeting rooms to accommodate other activities. Several brands have committed to booth space thus far, including The Hold Room, Capital Climbing, Legacy Ascension, Bold Climbing, Kilter, sToKed, and others.

Time will tell if ICE is destined to be a longstanding industry event, like the CWA Summit, ABC Conference, and DAV Halls & Walls. Another relative newcomer to this space―Salon D’Escalade in Grenoble, France―has found success blending B2B with B2C, a concept ICE plans to adopt as well in the hopes of producing a larger, mixed attendance.

Climbing Business Journal is pleased to be the official media partner of the Indoor Climbing Expo.