New Facility Is More Than a Gym—It’s an Indoor and Outdoor “Event Venue”

Rendering of the new Longmont gym
The new Longmont Climbing Collective gym is scheduled to open in approximately one year. According to its co-founders, the gym aims to be a showcase for communities beyond just climbers—including Longmont area entertainers, educators, and more. (All images courtesy of Longmont Climbing Collective)

Longmont Climbing Collective
Longmont, Colorado

Specs: 24,000-square-foot “full service climbing facility” will feature climbing walls both indoors and outdoors (beneath an overhead cover for varying weather), including a 15-meter speed wall. Additional outdoor amenities will include 12 acres of space for outdoor events, food trucks, dog activities, and additional parking. A cafe (which will double as a bar with a self-serve beer tap) will also be part of the outdoor expanse. The indoor section of the facility will feature full lockers, as well as a sauna and hot tub. The gym will offer full youth, fitness, training, and yoga programming.



This new facility in Longmont continues a recent trend that CBJ is continuing to monitor—more gyms either offering outdoor climbing sections or being entirely outdoors. We previously reported Summit expanding its Plano location in Texas with an outdoor bouldering wall and Asylum in San Diego planned as a bouldering-focused gym that is “100% outdoors.” And DELIRE Parc has been operating as an extension of the DELIRE gyms since the summer “on the shores of the St. Lawrence River in Québec.” The tentative opening date for the new Longmont gym is November 1, 2022.

Outdoor and indoor climbing at the new Longmont gym
In addition to climbing walls, the gym’s extensive outdoor acreage will include pet-friendly spaces as well as areas for socializing and parking accommodations.

Walls: Vertical Solutions
Flooring: UCS
CRM Software:
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In Their Words: “In 2022, the founding partners at Longmont Climbing Collective (LCC) will deliver on their long anticipated promise to bring full-service climbing, bouldering, fitness and yoga to the Longmont area in one world class facility. The new LCC venue will sit on 12 acres with a picture perfect view of the Front Range, while still being conveniently located just a few miles east of downtown. The new building will feature more than 24,000 square feet of climbing and bouldering. Inside, it will be packed with special features including a youth climbing zone, taproom, fitness equipment, training area and yoga studio. Outside, it will have a certified speed wall and a 50-foot-tall event center for climbing competitions, outdoor music, and community festivals. When complete, the new location will provide a prime location for Longmont’s climbers, brewers, artists and musicians to showcase their talents while adding a diverse, educational, and entertaining environment to the Longmont social scene. And, if that wasn’t enough, there will be a sauna and hot tub. Intrigued yet? To learn more, check out images and details here.”
—Bryan Hylenski, co-founder (along with Mack Maier & Aaron Tellier)

Rendering of the new Longmont gym
Concept art reveals the new gym’s exterior, which will offer plenty of space for community gatherings.
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