New Dallas Gym Opens in “Eco-Friendly Shopping Center”

Movement The Hill in Dallas, Texas
Movement’s newly opened bouldering gym in Dallas, its first facility in Texas and the DFW metro. (All images courtesy of Movement / El Cap)

Movement The Hill
Dallas, Texas

Specs: Movement The Hill held its grand opening in October and is Movement’s first climbing facility in Texas. The 37,000-square-foot, bouldering-focused gym features a yoga studio, fitness and lounge areas, a gear shop, and an outdoor slackline. A full range of climbing, yoga and fitness classes, private coaching, and youth programs will also be offered at the new gym.

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According to a press release, Movement The Hill is located in an “eco-friendly shopping center with a focus on conservation,” and a second press release noted the recently renovated shopping center is “powered by 100% renewable energy.” Movement’s space, in particular, “was designed as a net-zero energy building” and relies on natural light. Neighboring businesses in the area include several restaurants, a beer garden, and a Trader Joe’s.

Movement―which originally operated three gyms in Colorado before three new Movement gyms opened in 2021 across Chicago and Dallas―isn’t done developing in Texas either. A second Dallas-Fort Worth gym, Movement Design District, has already broken ground and is currently scheduled to open in Spring 2022. The forthcoming bouldering and roped climbing gym would mark Movement’s 7th location and the 20th in the El Cap family of gyms.

Movement The Hill climbing walls
Movement The Hill offers over 250 bouldering problems on its varied climbing walls, all under natural light.

Walls: Walltopia
Flooring: Cascade Specialty
CRM Software: Rock Gym Pro
Instagram: @movementgyms

In Their Words: “We are extremely excited to be part of the community at The Hill and look forward to offering a space for everyone to gather and share adventure. And we have plans to enhance the community by opening a second facility in early 2022 in the iconic Design District!”
―Matt Hopkins, Movement Director

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