New ArtLine Holds Are Shaped to Be Recycled

Shaped to be recycled
The newest, recyclable Mercy holds are the product of a collaboration between France-based innovators ArtLine and Ghold. (All images courtesy of ArtLine)

Recycling has been changing the game in the climbing holds sector. Now, ArtLine is marketing recyclable and recycled holds made from Ghold’s injection molding technology.

A Green Sport, but a Dirty Industry

Indoor climbing has its roots in nature, and these origins are reflected in the ecological awareness of even the most urban climbers. Yet despite this passion, climbing holds have primarily been made from thermosetting plastic, which has negative impacts on the environment.

To give you an idea, on average 1 kg of polyurethane holds emits 11.84 kg of C02 throughout its life cycle, according to ArtLine’s calculations. In other words, one hold equals a 30 to 60 mile journey in a gas-driven car. In addition, there is currently no conventional process for disposing of old holds. For the most part, they are thrown in the trash and either buried or incinerated.

“We estimate that 7 million end-of-life holds are thrown away every year,” says Benoit Jacquot-Bertrand, co-founder of Ghold.

PU and PE holds lifespan
Based on ArtLine’s estimates, polyurethane and polyester grips have a relatively short lifespan, when considered in terms of peak texture years—a problem Ghold has been trying to address.

Ghold’s Golden Ticket

After several years of research, Ghold has developed a solution for manufacturing recycled, 100% recyclable holds. Their patented innovation combines a highly technical recyclable material with an industrial manufacturing process. Their objective? To become tomorrow’s hold manufacturer for European brands, such as Artline, Entre-Prises, Inspir and others. The first partnerships are already taking shape.

Ghold founders and factory
Ghold founders (from left to right) Hugo Pheuplin, Sébastien Leprivey and Benoit Jacquot-Bertrand at their factory (far right).

The holds produced with Ghold’s 23-carat raw material can be recycled up to 10 times without any loss of quality; plus, the carbon impact is halved from the first time of recycling. Worn holds are collected, crushed and recycled into new generations of holds—all without affecting the quality of the grain or the durability of the product. Recyclability, made in France, a circular economy…Ghold aims to take its innovation worldwide and make recycling the standard rather than the exception in the climbing holds sector.

ArtLine and Ghold recyclable hold life cycle
ArtLine holds made by Ghold can be returned at the end of their life and ground down to be made into new holds.

Shifting to Sustainable Alternatives

The team at ArtLine has always been concerned about its environmental impact and looking for new technologies to invent the climbing of tomorrow. When the two companies’ paths crossed, ArtLine naturally decided to transfer part of its production to Ghold, starting with their best-seller, the Mercy holds, in smaller sizes (S to L).

Brice Anziutti inspects a new hold
ArtLine founder Brice Anziutti inspects one of the new thermoplastic Mercy holds, which are recyclable.

Part of the ProLine range, Mercy holds are designed for both commercial and competition setting environments. They are technical holds with subtle grips, sometimes requiring minute foot and hand adjustments to find the optimal position. All sorts of combinations are possible, so setters can give free rein to their creativity.

Dual-tex Mercy hold
The Mercy holds pack includes recyclable thermoplastic and dual-tex varieties.

The holds that Ghold manufactures can be recycled up to 10 times. They can be identified by a logo on the side of the hold. A QR code on the back ensures traceability. Holds are returned by simply scanning the QR code and printing out a free return slip. This system has been up and running since December, so now is the time to get your hands on some recyclable ArtLine holds by Ghold!

Check out the Mercy range manufactured by Ghold here.

Anziutti presenting a Mercy hold
Mercy holds are handy additions to any setter’s closet.


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