‘More Keys To Route Setting’ by Jacky Godoffe Now Available

More Keys to Route Setting by Jacky Godoffe

More Keys to Route Setting by Jacky Godoffe

Jacky Godoffe wrote the sequel of My Keys to route setting to dig deeper in our field. More keys, more informations, more topics (mental process, para setting, prevention of injuries) additionally lots of essays written by women and men setters from all over the world to share our incredible passion.

“Route setting is a never ending story shared by more and more female and male talented setters. I feel like the very first day when I started to set. Full of happiness, excitation and doubts. Such strong feeling beyond borders, flags, nationalities, genders, last but not least beyond my control. Hope you’ll enjoy this second essay as much as I did to prepare it with so many contributions from all around the world. Don’t expect for perfection, magic recipes, or anything you could just copy. We are heart and brain, skin and smell of our passion for route setting. Each of us has to give it all as great professionals and true lovers.”

To order it go to https://jackygodoffe.com

More Keys to Route Setting by Jacky Godoffe

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