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Traditional media organizations rely on subscriptions and advertising to support the journalists, editors, designers and others that make the publication possible.

Here at the Climbing Business Journal we are trying to do things a little bit different. We strive to provide high quality content without gimmicks. We perform original research and produce content that can’t be found anywhere else, in print or online.

But we do not require a subscription to read our content. Furthermore, while the indoor climbing industry is growing fast, it is a niche industry that cannot support CBJ with advertising alone (although we’re always looking for new companies to advertise with us).

Community Supported Media

That’s why we’ve created the concept of Community Supported Media. We are asking our community of readers to become members of CBJ and support the specialty news coverage you can’t find anywhere else.  Think of it as joining a group of like-minded business people devoted to growing and improving the indoor climbing industry.

You can become a member of CBJ at any dollar amount or join one of our member circles. After joining our community you’ll feel good about reading CBJ every week knowing that without your financial support CBJ would not be possible.

Growth of CBJ

The Climbing Business Journal launched in July of 2013. Since that time we have steadily increased our readership and have become a valuable resource for people in the indoor climbing industry — climbing gym owners, mangers and staff, routesetters, professionals at hold and wall manufacturing companies, and climbers interested in opening their own facility.


Here’s some of the praise that has appeared in our inbox or on social media sites:

“Just want to say it again … well done on the CBJ. I am impressed with your ability to constantly create great content. It is fun to see what others are doing: it gets all of us to think more creatively and act more decisively.” Chris Warner, Earth Treks President and Owner
“I just wanted to write and say thank you for the CBJ. It is a breath of fresh air that lends a sense of professionalism to our industry.” Anne-Worley Moelter, Movement Climbing + Fitness Owner
“I am really enjoying the insight from @ClimbingJournal of late. Smart analysis of the right questions.” Pete Ward, UBC Pro Tour Managing Partner
“It seems to me like CBJ is not just reporting on the growth of our industry but possibly doing more than any other publication to further it. I’m so motivated by your articles. Thank you.” Ian Powell, Kilter Climbing Grips Owner and Shaper


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