Introducing Homewaller: New Platform From CBJ Team For Homewall Climbers



Climbing Business Journal Launches

A Platform to Connect Homewall Climbers with Great Resources

Boulder, Colorado: Climbing Business Journal has announced; a resource and community for homewallers worldwide. The website collates “best of the web” resources and combines it with a searchable gallery of homewalls and exciting, original content. elevates the homewall playing field by putting great resources at everyone’s fingertips, and helps climbers get the most out of their walls.

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“The Covid pandemic made obvious the benefit and privilege of climbing at home,” says Scott Rennak, publisher and owner of Climbing Business Journal. “Now more climbers than ever are building homewalls and seeking knowledge and products to do it right.”

Benefits that climbers will find at Homewaller include:

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About Homewaller: Homewalls have been a part of our climbing community since before the advent of modern gyms. At Homewaller, we aim to support this community through  sharing great resources, publishing original content, exclusive giveaways, and a filterable collection of homewalls that users can join. Beyond providing an informational resource, we hope to entertain and connect homewallers globally.

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