Independent Climbing Gyms Unite


A Nationwide Peer Network to Empower Local and Family-Owned Gyms

A groundbreaking initiative has been launched to connect independent climbing gyms across the nation, fostering a community-driven approach to gym operations, marketing, and customer experience.

In an industry often dominated by large corporate entities, a new network has emerged, dedicated to the unique needs and aspirations of independently owned climbing gyms.

The Climbing Gym Collective (CGC) is an innovative platform where local and family-owned gyms can share knowledge, resources, and strategies to enhance their operations and services.

This initiative was sparked by the realization that independently owned gyms face unique challenges and opportunities in the climbing industry.

The CGC aims to harness the power of collaboration and shared experience to elevate the standards and success of its member gyms.

Upcoming Event 2/1/24:



Join us on Thursday, Feb 1, for a free branding workshop, open to independent gym owners or managers.

In this online workshop, brand designer and CGC founder Leslie Kim will lead the group through a series of exercises to help climbing gyms uncover their “special sauce.”

Attendees will walk away with greater clarity on how to direct their marketing efforts to best serve the uniqueness of their gym and community.

Register here.

Key Features of the Climbing Gym Collective:

  • Biweekly Zoom Meetings: These discussions offer a platform for gym owners & managers to exchange ideas, strategies, and experiences. The rule of engagement is simple: share in good faith, respect confidentiality, and focus on constructive, experience-based advice.
  • Indie Climbing Gym Pass: A unified pass offering discounted access to all member gyms, enhancing the value proposition for gym members and encouraging exploration of different climbing communities.
  • Marketing and Branding Workshops: Sessions dedicated to helping gym owners refine their brand identity and implement effective marketing strategies across various platforms.
  • A Supportive Community: An environment where gym owners can seek advice, share successes, and collaborate on solving common problems.

Future Plans and Expansion:

The CGC is not just about current benefits; it’s an evolving platform with potential for future features like business coaching, affiliate discounts, and more. The CGC’s primary objective at this time is to listen to its members and add value where the need is greatest.

Join the Movement:

For more information on the Climbing Gym Collective and to become a part of this vibrant network, please fill out this brief form.

Leslie Kim, the founder of the Climbing Gym Collective, has been designing brand identities and product packaging for both large and small brands since 2007.

Her portfolio includes designs for Taco Bell’s sauce packet line, specialty food & beverage packaging, and music packaging. Additionally, since 2014, Leslie has been creating art for climbers and effectively marketing to the climbing community.

For questions or additional info, contact Leslie Kim at

Together, we are stronger, more innovative, and better equipped to serve the climbing community.

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