HWOW 51 – Garage Homewall From Repurposed Materials

CBJ Homewall of the Week

Working with repurposed materials he already had, Rob B. created his ideal, multi-angle home gym at zero cost in Columbus, OH. Check out past HWOW here.

CBJ Homewall of the Week

When did you build your wall?


How long did it take you to build?

1 week

Not including holds and padding, how much did it cost you to build?

Free. I used reclaimed/scrap/donation wood for all framing, walls, and volumes.

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Did anything in particular inspire your wall design?

My favorite style of climbing is roof climbing, so I wanted to make sure I had a decent sized roof.

What was the most difficult aspect of the design and build?

The build was easy. The hard part was getting my wife to let me take up so much space in the garage.

CBJ Homewall of the Week

What would you do differently?

I wanted to keep the build cost at zero, so I limited the size and angle of the build to the materials I had. Whenever we move, I will make a larger and more complex framing system.

What is your favorite aspect?

I love that I had a head start on this and had no downtime in training when the gyms closed. I love setting problems that force me to work on techniques I need to improve.

Capitan software

Any words of wisdom to aspiring homewallers?

There are a lot of tutorials on how to build a home climbing wall. No one way is the right way to do it as long as you are safe. The frame and materials need to be able hold their own weight, the weight of the climber, and any forces generated while climbing. If you are building in an area that is subject to fluctuating temperatures (attic, garage, shed, etc.) make sure you use a set screw on every hold to prevent spinners. Changing temperatures will work your bolts loose.

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CBJ Homewall of the Week

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