Head Rush Technologies Kicks Off Global Safety Campaign

clip it good route signage

clip it good route signage“Clip it …. Clip it Good”
Head Rush Technologies Kicks Off Global Safety Campaign

Adaptation of Devo’s hit song “Whip It” kicks of multi-channel campaign to drive awareness and adoption of best practices for safe climbing and auto belay use among its customers and climbers

LOUISVILLE, Colo. (February 17, 2022) Head Rush Technologies (Head Rush), a leading engineering, manufacturer and distributor of climbing equipment, is launching an industry-wide campaign to raise awareness of the importance of safety when participating in climbing activities, especially when using an auto belay device. The multi-channel campaign kicks off today with the premiere of the “Clip it Good” music video and a dedicated microsite trublueclimbing.com/clipitgood.

In the coming weeks, Head Rush will further push safety messages to its customers and climbers via social media, paid content in trade journals, direct communications to customers and engagement at trade shows. It doesn’t stop with messaging though. Head Rush plans to release new safety products throughout the year as well.

“Climbing, like many adventure sports, is inherently risky, which is what makes it both challenging and rewarding,” said Lea Ann Zuellig, President and CEO of Head Rush Technologies. “We develop technologies and products to reduce those risks, but ultimately the responsibility for safety lies with the participant. We want to work across the industry to make sure operators and climbers are fully versed in safe operation and usage of auto belays at all times.”

As part of the campaign and to incentivize safety, Head Rush is giving its climbing gym customers the chance to win annual service for five TRUBLUE Auto Belays ($1000 value). Annual service is an essential part of ownership that minimizes risks by ensuring proper operation and maintenance. Gyms who share the video on their social channels with the tags #clipitgood and @trublueclimbing by Friday, February 25th will be entered to win. In addition, the first 20 climbers to comment on @trublueclimbing’s original Instagram post of the video and tag a friend will receive a Black Diamond “Clip It Good” chalk bag.

“Climbing is very safe when done properly,” said Chris Sharma, one of the world’s best professional rock climbers and owner of three climbing gyms. “But a climber always has to take responsibility for their safety, whether it’s their knot, their harness or, in the case of auto belays, making sure they’re clipped into their belay loop. Gym owners can play a huge role in helping climbers be prepared.”

Indeed, Sharma has developed a set of best practices for auto belay use in Sharma Climbing gyms, a video of which can be seen here.

“During the past few years, we’ve seen two trends driving demand for auto belay devices, including an overall increase in interest in climbing as well as the need for gyms to promote social distancing. Auto belays help with both. Our campaign is designed to promote the safe use of these devices to enable both gyms and climbers to fully enjoy the sport,” Zuellig continued.

Available on Head Rush’s Clip It Good landing page are a wide variety of resources for gym owners, operators and climbers including videos, blogs, downloadable signage, safety products and more. From topics like “How to Give a Proper Auto Belay Orientation” and “How to Field Replace Your TRUBLUE Webbing” to FAQs and inspection logs, operators are bound to find some takeaways. Climbers too can familiarize themselves with “How Auto Belays Work,” as well as brush up on “How to Properly Use an Auto Belay.” Further, Head Rush has gone beyond compiling their own assets, gathering auto belay best practices from across the industry, like the Climbing Wall Association’s Auto Belay Positioning Paper.

Head Rush uses advanced technology to engineer and manufacture innovative adventure equipment for the outdoor, amusement and recreation industries. Its magnetic eddy current braking technology allows each device to adjust to a climber’s weight, creating a consistent controlled descent experience for everyone alike. The more the climber weighs, the more conductive material enters the magnetic field, the more braking is applied. TRUBLUE Auto Belays have completed over a billion climbs a year in more than 60 countries on six continents, making it the most widely used and trusted auto belay on the planet.

About Head Rush Technologies

Based in Louisville, Colorado, Head Rush Technologies is an engineering company and manufacturer of climbing, zip line and free fall equipment that is on a mission to make adventure experiences more enjoyable for the user and to increase ROI for operators. Their patented magnetic braking system has led to the development of best-in-class recreational devices found in facilities worldwide, including the TRUBLUE Auto Belay (the #1 Auto Belay in the world), zipSTOP Zip Line Brake, and QuickFlight Free Fall devices. More information is available at www.headrushtech.com.

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